I enjoyed working for Rhythm, a digital agency. It's run like a well-oiled machine. Every day was a grab bag of creative challenges on the calendar: two hours of production for that project, two to finish the comps for that healthcare project, oh and at lunch time you’re presenting to a client. It kept me on my toes.


I provided art direction and worked with the UX designers to create an interface for one of our most challenging projects- a gaming social network.

A problem with presenting a sophisticated interface is that many elements can derail the focus of the critique. One skill I developed was showing the parts of the interface in question in a tasteful manner that provided enough context. In this particular presentation I gave the interface life by animating the transitions and only showing exactly what we wanted to gather feedback on. 


It’s always helpful to know the client and play to their tastes. In this slide, I wanted to highlight the platform's potential for other use cases but appeal to the stakeholder’s passion: gaming.