A few days ago I realized I accidentally deleted a sketch file for one of my clients. I checked the trash, and I tried to fire up Time Machine and I couldn't locate the file. Panic started to settle in.

I stayed calm and thought it through: I pay for iCloud storage and my documents and desktop files are synced. The file should be somewhere. 

I couldn't find a version history or a way to restore files in Mac OS or Finder. But after some digging around I found it after logging onto iCloud.com:

Aha! You can restore files by logging into iCloud.com 

Aha! You can restore files by logging into iCloud.com 


When you log into iCloud.com click on settings. Once you are in settings you can select "Restore Files" in the bottom left hand corner. Here Apple keeps files that you've deleted in the past 30 days. 

I scrolled towards the bottom of the list and found the file in question, clicked restore and it magically appeared in the folder I had deleted it from. 

Keep in mind you do need an iCloud storage plan and to sync your documents folder in Mac OS to have this capability.